Extra Services

These are "add-ons" to the services listed on the Massage Services page.

Full-Body Steam Treatment
20-30 minutes

A real, reclining steam bath which helps cleanse and relax the body (available for house calls only)


Hot Paraffin Therapy
20-40 minutes

Hands and/or feet are coated in a special heated wax which soothes joints, relaxes muscles and softens skin.

$15 for either hands or feet
$25 for both hands and feet

Mud/Marine Body Wrap
30-40 minutes

After a stimulating loofah exfoliation, natural clay or a marine blend is applied to the back for a nourishing and cleansing treatment.



Your choice of natural, aromatic plant extracts are used in the air, massage cream, and/or steam treatment to achieve a desired state of mind.

$5 per session

Feet Alive!
30 minutes

This is true FOOT REFLEXOLOGY (Ingham Method), with specific thumb and finger pressure applied with precision. The intent is to increase relaxation, circulation, nerve function, and balance within the body. It's amazing and effective!

$30 - only available as massage session "add on"

Thanks again for visiting my website.  Now that you know a bit about me and my business, please feel free to contact me by phone or message form for additional information. You can also leave feedback regarding my website in my comment/suggestion box. If you'd like to schedule an appointment, please call me at - (407) 310-8598. I'll customize a special session just for you and arrange a convenient time to meet your schedule.

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