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"We can do no great things -
only small things
with great love."

-Mother Teresa





Winter Garden Farmers Market

I've spread my wings
and my expertise
to a wonderful venue -

The Market takes place
from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
in beautiful downtown
(Go to the end
of Plant Street
and turn left.
Then look for
the Pavillion
and tents.)

It's a busy market
with plenty of,
fresh produce,
baked and prepared foods,
organic coffees and teas,
plants, art, crafts, jewelry
and much, much more!
There's a huge covered pavillion,
lush landscaping,
lots of free parking
right across the street,
and even a water play area
for the kids!

At this Market I provide
the same services that
are available at the
Orlando Farmers Market
(see below)
every Sunday.

I look forward
to seeing you soon

Can you...
take your
to my office?

This is a question
I'm hearing more and more
each week.

And the answer is,

I love doing chair massage!
Many times this is the
first contact someone
has with massage.

It's totally amazing
to see how much stress
can just melt away
in a 10 or 15 minute
chair massage!

People feel lighter.
A huge smile
comes to their faces.
Prior concerns seem
less significant.
They're ready to face the day
and even life
with renewed energy
and enthusiasm!

All I need is a relatively
small, quiet space
in your place of business
to set up my massage chair.

Each person will receive
my complete attention.
Nobody will be rushed.
Each will feel cared for.
And they'll sincerely
appreciate YOU
for giving them
this special opportunity
to feel whole and happy
once again!

Just give me a call at
(407) 310-8598
to discuss the details
of bringing this
wonderful gift
to your own office,
or event,
or convention!

Thank you!


Is it truly possible to be calm
while so much goes on around you?

Yes, and
REIKI is one way to get there.

a Japanese relaxation technique
which can offer healing
on many different levels.

You don't need to be in any
special mental or spiritual place
to receive REIKI.
It meets you
where you are.

You just need to be
as open as possible
to receiving something
special and nurturing.

REIKI is received
on a massage table.
The recipient is fully clothed.
The space is safe and soothing.

The person
transmitting the energy
is in touch with his heart.
His intent is to share
a wonderful gift of healing.

During the hour session
the recipient may feel
incredible warmth that
flows into their body
through the giver's hands.
Some may experience
gentle energy.
Others may sense
slight shifts in their body
or in their awareness.
Colors, memories,
emotions and insights
may come to the forefront.
Some say they return home,
come back to themselves,
and feel centered, peaceful,
and empowered.

It's all good.
It's all loving.
It's only what you're ready
to be with.

If you'd like to receive REIKI,
I offer sessions at my
Winter Park office.
I also conduct REIKI classes,
so you can enjoy this energy
at any time, and share it
with those you care about.

Just call me at (407) 310-8598
to schedule your appointment.


That's right!
I'm happy to provide
a relaxation and healing oasis
at this fun open air market!

It takes place every SUNDAY,
from 10:00AM to 4:00PM,
(on the bridge)

Lake Eola is downtown Orlando's signature city park with a beautiful, large water feature at it's center. You'll also find wonderful trees and landscaping, numerous park benches, a playground for the kids, as well as a variety of nearby shops and restaurants. You can even rent a giant swan paddleboat! Parking is convenient and free.

Things for sale at the Market include fresh fruits and vegetables, delicious baked goods, ethnic cuisine, hot and cold refreshments, live plants, cut flowers, and a variety of arts and crafts from places near and far.

In this setting, I offer seated massage on a very comfortable massage chair. It's a wonderful, short treatment for stiff necks, tight shoulders or sore backs. It's a great, relaxing way to complete your weekend! And with prices starting at $24.00, it's totally affordable.

Or, why not try something different?... FOOT REFLEXOLOGY! As you lounge on a superbly comfortable zero gravity chaise, I intricately work every inch of your feet. It's a deliciously indulgent treatment that takes you away to a totally relaxing place. People say they feel like they're walking on air for hours later! This service, usually only available in spas, is just $45.00 for about 30 minutes of pure bliss! Try it. You'll be back for more!

So please stop by and see me some Sunday. I'll be glad to help you and talk with you about my other services. You'll also find special massage gift certificate offers there, from time to time, which are available nowhere else!

I look forward to seeing you at the


My office is only a short
(30 minutes or less)
and direct
(one roadway and only one turn)
trip to or from the airport!

So why not begin or end
your next business
or pleasure trip to Orlando
with a relaxing and rejuvenating
layover at Integrity Massage?



A few years ago I completed 60 hours of training in this amazing form of bodywork.

It starts with the biological fact that fascia is a flexible structure that covers every organ, muscle, bone, nerve and blood vessel in our bodies. It's actually one uninterrupted structure which exists from our head to our toes. So, each part of our body is connected to every other part by the fascia, like the yarn in a sweater.

That means that when one area of the fascia becomes tight due to injury, surgery, or just poor posture, that tightness can transmit corresponding discomfort in a three dimensional way to other parts of our body, via the fascial web. The source of that transmitted pain is often far from the location of the pain itself, the symptoms. However, traditional therapies most often give all their attention to those symptoms, rather than the sources.

Myofascial Release is very different.

Myofascial Release uses firm, but gentle pressure. The pressure is carefully regulated to meet our body's own force of resistance. It's not the "forceful attack" so well known in other types of bodywork, which produces limited or temporary results. With Myofasical Release, our body receives the persistant, but friendly message to be aware, to relax, and to let go, barrier by barrier.

I'm happy to incorporate Myofascial Release work into all of my therapeutic sessions at no additional charge.

If you have questions about this therapeutic work, please feel free to contact me. You may also visit the web site of Myofascial Release Treatment Centers & Seminars, the organization I received my training from. That web site is www.myofascialrelease.com.

I look forward to sharing this important work with all of you who need it.

Thank you.


From the moment you enter my office, you've come home. You're totally welcome and you have my full attention. I've reserved a generous block of time for your visit. There's no rush. It's just you and me.

A secured door separates us from the outside world. This special place is your sanctuary. Interruptions just aren't allowed.

We'll sit a while in the sleek and comfy leather chairs of my waiting room, as we casually chat and learn more about each other. I'll invite you to be open and specific about what you expect from your session. I have a large repetoire of techniques and talents, gained from years of training and experience, to draw upon. I can accommodate a wide variety of requests.

I'll answer any questions or discuss any concerns you may have. This is your experience. We'll create it as you speak and I listen.

You'll have time to appreciate and enjoy the artwork, the calming statuary, the peaceful water fountain and the soft music around you. We'll address your physical concerns, but you'll never feel like you're in a "medical environment".

When you're ready, I'll show you to the massage table and allow you privacy to get ready for your session. Then we'll begin.

Isn't it time to come home? Just call me.

For those of you new to Integrity Massage, my office is located in Winter Park, just minutes north of downtown Orlando. I'm in a quiet office building, off of highway 436, between Howell Branch Road and Aloma Avenue. My office is open by appointment only.

About appointments, please remember that I schedule a maximum of only 3 per day.

I do this to ensure that each person I see receives my full attention, skill and energy.

With this in mind, "same day appointments" are not always available.

Your advance planning is important if you have a particular day and time in mind for your massage experience. Please give me a call at (407) 310-8598 at your earliest opportunity, and I'll get you on my appointment calendar!

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope to see you soon! But, in the meantime, please visit this page often for new offers and information.

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